Another Small Business Bartering Saves Time and Money

Image for business barter networkYesterday, I had another brilliant conversation with a small business owner about coming into the Business Barter Network.  She was keen but her husband was sceptical.  He was saying things to her like “You already do enough for nothing!  We’ve got a mortgage and bills to pay and bartering isn’t going to pay them is it?”

He’s absolutely right you can’t pay your mortgage, rent or utility bills in barter (yet) although one member does pay his office rent in barter pounds.  The thing is – you’ve got to pay those things anyway, regardless of whether or not you come into the network – bartering your goods and services in exchange for Action Pounds (the currency we use) can help you to pay your mortgage and bills more easily than not being in the network.

A fine example:  Corma Holmes from Provision Media joined the BBN earlier this week.  Within 24hrs she had benefitted from 2 NEW cash clients as a direct result of offering her professional video filming and editing services in the Network.  Those are 2 clients that Corma wouldn’t have had otherwise and, because she’s offering her services for part barter/part cash, she’s bringing in money that she can use to help pay her bills as well as earning Action Pounds that she can use to improve her cash flow and conserve her cash.  Can you see the massive benefit?

Of course being a part of the BBN is not just about improving cash flow, getting NEW customers and earning valuable Action Pounds – it’s also about networking with other like minded and incredibly savvy business owners and being someone who cares about the wider community.

I know we’re not supposed to sell through our blogs but I’m unashamedly doing so because I know that bartering and the BBN can (and will) make all the difference to small businesses.

Thanks for the time it take you to read this – please share the opportunity and let’s do business!

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